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Pacific Giftware Unicorns

Mythical Unicorn Figurines, unicorn-Mythical Creatures, unicorn figurines, gifts, mytical unicorn-fantasy creatures that have inspired all unicorn believers. The Beautiful Unicorn is a symbol of life, purity and fertility. It was believed that once every one hundred years in an enchanted forest, a magical flower bloomed and from inside a Unicorn was born. From its birth each Unicorn had magic abilities. they could cure the sick or wounded, overcome evil powers, make rainbows appear in the sky and flowers bllom wherever they touched the earth. Although Unicorns shied from humans, they were drawn to pure virtuous maidens. It was only they who could command the Unicorns strenght and profit from their bounty. Unicorns & Pegasus make great gift ideas for people who are into magical and mystical creatures.

Fairy Cassandra with Unicorn-Figurine 5403 Collectible from the Fairyland Legends Collection
Fairy Cassandra with unicorn


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Pegasus w/open Wings Fantasy Sculpture-Statue-Figurine 6161
Pegasus w/Open Wings


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Unicorn Fantasy Figurine from The Fairyland Legends


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Unicorn with Fairy Clarissa 5404 Fantasy-Figurine
Unicorn with Fairy Clarissa


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Winter Fairy Unicorn Fantasy-Figurine 5289 from the Fairyland Legends
Winter Fairy Unicorn


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Jist with Unicorn Fantasy Figurine-Collectible 5750 From the Fairyland Legends
Jist with Unicorn


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